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It is a bitumen-based waterstop specially produced for cold joints. As an easy-to-apply alternative to usual waterproofing tapes, it does require additional materials. Bibaflex is not an expansion tape.
Usage Areas

It is used in dams, ponds, irrigation ditches, water tanks, water purification facilities, swimming pools, docks, water supply tunnels, hydroelectric and thermoelectric power plants, bridges, refineries, subway constructions, retaining walls, and industrial buildings. Besides typical usage areas, it can be used as a waterstop sealant in mounting prefabricated concrete plates.

• It does not expand upon contact with water.
• Because its waterstop characteristics are durable against rain and water it is more convenient than traditional systems.
• It can be applied under all weather conditions, including rain.
• There is no need to utilize special tools at joints.
• Because it not expand it can be used in thin concrete structure as well.
• It can be easily applied even in case of close rebar spacing.
• BibaFlex binds to concrete during hydratation.
• It is very light, and because it can be transported and applied very easily and quickly it is very economical.
• It is resistant to acids and bases.

Application on Fresh Concrete

The simplest method is to place Bibaflex directly over concrete. In this method Bibaflex binds to concrete during setting. The protective foil should be on top and it should not be pressed and sunk into concrete. At the connection points, 2 -3 cm of both tape ends are brought together, pressed and adhered airtight. Protective foil is separated just before second concreting.

Application on Cured Concrete

The surface to be treated must be dry and clean, and free from dust, dirt, rust, grease, and loose particles. Bibaflex is fixed by pressing firmly into the concrete No other equipment is required to fix it. Tapes are placed by bringing them together side by side and overlapping 2 -3 cm and then pressed and adhered airtight. Prior to concrete placement it should be checked whether Bibalex is properly adhered. Bibaflex can be removed from the surface about 30 minutes after concreting only by pulling strongly. Otherwise, the adhesion process have to be repeated. Separator PE foil must be removed prior to the placement of the new concrete.

6 rolls (35 mm x 20 mm) x 4 meters = 24 meters / package
24 Boxes (576 m) / Pallet


Ürün Teknik Dökümanları