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Invisible Waterproofing in Historical Buildings

Invisible Waterproofing in Historical Buildings

Historical or stone buildings whose appearance have to be perfectly maintained can be insulated invisibly by using Saysilox. First of all, the surface to be treated must be cleaned with a relevant method (such as pressured water, sandblasting, etc.). When the surface is completely dry, it should be saturated with Saysilox from the top to the bottom. The best method is to apply Saysilox with a brush, roller and sprayer, and then to apply a second coat before the first coat dries up. Saysilox will become water-repellent as soon as it dries up. It will take a few days to complete its cure.

Although the pearl effect will decrease after a few months the surface will remain totally water-repellent. This application creates self-cleaning surfaces, so all the dirt or dust accumulating on the surface will always be washed away with the rain before they permeate deeper and blacken the surface.

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