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Blocking Pressured Water

Blocking Pressured Water

  • To decrease water pressure, the leaking holes are deepened enough to provide easy water flow by using a drill. 
  • If there are more than one leakage points, more holes big enough to allow easy water flow are drilled on the lower parts of the wall. 
  • A thin plastic pipe is fixed into the hole by using plugging mortar, and in this way all the water flow is directed into these pipes. 
  • After having cleaned the holes thoroughly, PERMO CHIM CRYSTAL grout is applied into the holes in one coat. 
  • The hole is completely plastered with PERMO CHIM CRYSTAL plaster (all around the plastic pipe) when the PERMO CHIM CRYSTAL grout is still wet. The curing period will be 24 hours. 
  • After having completed the waterproofing application of the surface except the holes, the pipe is removed and the remaining hole is plugged with EMULZER SPEED-X POWDER which is a perfect accelarated setting powder. 
  • The plugging mortar is pressed manually (it is strictly recommended to wear gloves) for about 1-2 minutes until it solidifies. 
  • When PERMO CHIM CRYSTAL mortar is cured, the insulation is completed by applying PERMO CHIM CRYSTAL grout both into and arond the hole.


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