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Waterproofing in Basement Capillary Water Flow

Waterproofing in Basement Capillary Water Flow

Ground moisture rises through capillarity and creates moisture on the ground floor walls. The resulting moisture causes the paint and even the plaster layer to swell and fall off. (Picture 1-2-3-4)

To avoid this problem, it is sufficient to apply Permo Chim Duo Insulation Mortar between the ground and first floor bricks during the first construction.

If no precautions have been taken during the construction phase, this problem can be solved by injecting a special liquid that blocks capillarity into the walls with a pump specially manufactured for this process, in walls where filled building materials such as aerated concrete and blended brick are used. This operation must be carried out by an expert dealer.

The injection method cannot be used on walls built with porous brick. Since moisture will only penetrate through the plaster, in such cases the plaster layer should be broken up to 50 cm above the ground and plastered again with mortar containing Emülzer F or Emülzer Permo Stop.

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