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Waterproofing Pools from Outside

Waterproofing Pools from Outside

Protecting pool concrete and reinforcement bars against water which may be transmitted from outside is as critical as leakproofing the pool. The concrete surface to be treated must be free from soil, dust, dirt, rust and grease; loose particles must be scraped off. Pointed tips and corners must be filleted. 

Emilkote, after having mixed with 20% water, must be applied as an undercoat with a bitumen brush or pistol. For best results, the undercoat must dry up for at least 4-5 hours, or overnight, before the application of Emulzer PLUS. And before Emulzer PLUS dries up, polyester felt (50 gr/m²) must be pressed and adhered onto it. To complete the insulation Emulzer PLUS is applied in 2 more coats.

Although Emulzer Plus dries fast –in as little as 2 hours– it is recommended to wait 24 hours before applying a second coat. To protect insulation from any damage during backfilling, a briquette wall can be laid or else it must be coated with Puntodrain PK drainage board.

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