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Waterproofing Secret Gutters (1)

Waterproofing Secret Gutters (1)

Insulation of secret gutters must be resistant to UV rays and tough atmospheric conditions. It must also be flexible enough to stand the movements that occur on the surface due to temperature changes.

As a polyurethane-based, UV-resistant, seamless and elastic waterproofing and coating material, Emulzer PURREADY can be easily applied to narrow channels. Firstly, the surface to be treated must be dry and free from grease and dust. PURREADY must be applied in two coats (1250 gr/m²). 

If any large cracks, or joints of prefabricated parts are found in the gutters, the application must be reinforced by using 50 gram/m² of polyester geotextile between the two coats of PURREADY. If surface is moist or wet, PUR-WET must be used instead of PURREADY.

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