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Waterproofing (Walk-on) Terrace Roofs (with Thermal Insulation)

Waterproofing (Walk-on) Terrace Roofs (with Thermal Insulation)

Loose concrete particles are scraped off. The surface is swept thoroughly and all the dust, dirt and residues are cleared out.

The surface is completely primed with Emilkote and left to dry for at least 4-5 hours. (Figure 1) Any large cracks must be filled with Emulderz Joint Filling Paste (Figure 2) or Emulzer Bitum Mastic. Any hollows can be levelled by using Elastokote 2K.

Elastokote 2K can be applied when Emilkote is completely dry. 50gr/m² geo-textile felt or fiber glass is laid, overlapping 10 cm at seams, and then pressed. (Figure 3) These materials prevent the cracks which may form on the concrete or alum in time from being transmitted to the insulation layer.

Elastokote 2K is applied in 2 or 3 more coats, allowing each coat to dry up completely before the next coat is applied. When the bituminous coats are completely dry, EPS or XPS thermal insulation boards are mounted. Mounting these boards are as easy as putting them together side by side. 100gr/m² geotextile felt is applied onto thermal insulation boards as a separator coat. And then a layer of gravel can be spread, and alum and coating cap be applied.

Note that the insulation must surmount the coating at least 15-20 cm.

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