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Waterproofing Foundations with the Wrapping Method

Waterproofing Foundations with the Wrapping Method

This method requires wrapping the foundation of the building with a membrane; firstly, the waterproofing layer is prepared, and then the foundation is placed in this “wrap”. First of all, a firm ground must be prepared to lay the bituminous membrane. This ground is normally made up of a lean concrete layer with a smooth surface. This layer must be covered with two coats of 3 or 4 mm thick Emulzer membrane reinforced with polyester felt. Wrapping application does not require undercoating (Figure 1).

The membranes should be overlapped 10 cm horizontally and 15 cm vertically, melted by torch, and adhered. In the first coat it is sufficient to adhere seams. The second coat must be adhered zigzagging 50 cm horizontally and 5 m vertically. The first and second coats cannot be applied by perpendicular zigzagging. The second coat of membrane must completely adhere to the first coat; it would not be convenient to adhere at certain points randomly. To be able to join the insulation coat of the floor with the insulation coat of the shear wall it will be convenient to leave an extra length of approximately 1 meter on the sides. 

Shear walls can be insulated with the same type of membrane, but it is healthier and more practical to use Emulzer PLUS liquid membrane reinforced with polyester felt. After the application the insulation can be protected by the reinforcement of geo-textile felt (100g/m² minimum) (Figure 3).

All the right angles must be filleted. For this purpose, we recommend you to utilize Emulzer’s bituminous fillet which is applied with torch since it is a unique alternative in Turkey (Figure 4).

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