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Waterproofing Terrace Gardens and Underground Car Parks

Waterproofing Terrace Gardens and Underground Car Parks

Continuous urbanization, increasing land prices, scarcity of land and all the concrete jungle lead to severe green area problems especially in big cities. So the solutions such as terrace gardens, or landscaping over underground car parks become increasingly popular in our big cities as much as in the other big cities all over the world. As the most established sealant manufacturer of Turkey with a wide range of products, Emulzer always offers the best solutions for the changing needs of architects and engineers. The terrace waterproofing system including Emulzer Plus Anti Root liquid membrane developed by Emulzer helps you create unique gardens in your terraces and over underground car parks.

System Products: Emulzer Plus Anti Root: Anti-root liquid membrane Emilkote: Undercoat for bituminous waterproofing materials Punto Drain RG: Deeply grooved drainage and protection board specially designed for terrace gardens Geo-textile: Non-woven reinforcement and filtration component Waterproofing Terrace Gardens Terrace gardens and undersoil car parks can be perfectly sealed by using a combination of Emilkote undercoat, Emulzer Plus Anti Root, Punto Drain RG drainage boards and filtration felt. This application does not only provide perfect waterproofing, but thanks to Punto Drain RG drainage boards, minimum irrigation enables maximum moisture for the soil. Application The suface to be treated must be dry, clean, and free from dust and grease. It must be firstly undercoated with Emilkote (400g/m²). Metallic surfaces must be undercoated with Emulzer CSP instead of Emilkote. When the undercoat is completely dry, the first coat of Emulzer Plus Anti Root is applied with a brush, roller or sprayer.

Before this first coat dries up, reinforcing geo-textile (50 g/m²) is applied onto the surface, overlapping 15 cm at seams. To complete the insulation Emulzer Plus Anti Root is applied in 2 more coats. Although Emulzer Plus Anti Root dries fast -in as little as 2 hours- it will be healthier to wait 24 hours before applying a second coat. This application is sufficient for a soil layer of approximately 10 cm thickness complete with the plants. The number of geo-textile and Emulzer Plus Anti Root layers must increase in proportion with the thickness of the soil. After having completed the waterproofing, Punto Drain RG drainage boards are mounted and geo-textile (300 gr/m² minimum) is applied.

Punto Drain RG serves for drainage as well as for the protection of the insulation, and geo-textile for filtration. The strainers and outlets utilized must be compatible with the waterproofing application. In terrace gardens, the upper limit of the waterproofing must be at least 20 cm higher than the soil level. It is critical to prevent water outlets from plugging during assemblage and application. After having completed the application, the area can be filled with soil, and it can be landscaped as desired.

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