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About Emulzer

Leading and Innovative

As the first company of waterproofing industry in Turkey, Emülzer® has been producing and supplying the most reliable liquid waterproofing materials since its foundation in 1935. Its brand name and high quality got so identified with waterproofing that Emülzer® became, and still is, the generic name for some of the waterproofing materials widely used in the construction industry in Turkey. Relying on its well established corporate culture based on stability and sustainable growth, Emülzer® maintains its position as an innovator and leader in liquid waterproofing technology in Turkey.

A Wide Range of Certified Products

Based in İstanbul, Turkey, Emülzer® manufactures ISO-9001:2008 and CE certified waterproofing products, and it has the widest range of products in waterproofing industry in Turkey. Bitumen, acrylic, silicon, polyurethane and cement based products of Emülzer® are offered with clear technical specifications and instructions and they are guaranteed against production defects.

On-Time Delivery

Thanks to our high quality and efficiency standards in production as well as rich supplies of raw materials and improved stock management, we are always able to meet your needs on time.

Built on Research and Development

Developing innovative products to meet the rapidly changing needs of the construction industry, research and development department of Emülzer® looks to improve and perfect our existing products as well. Some products such as Bituminous Fillet and Swell-Flex have been developed in our own laboratories and Emülzer® is still the only manufacturer of these products in Turkey. Our research and development studies provide the construction industry with a wide range of products as well asgreat cost advantages.

Best References for Each and Every Application

Since 1935 Emülzer® products have been used in all scales of projects from buttom to top, from the suspension bridges of Bosphorus to the largest irrigation projects of Southeast Anatolia, in motorways, inter-urban highway tunnels and at undersea metro tunnels. Architects, engineers, and technicians increasingly prefer our specialized waterproofing materials in construction sites, and in renovation, for all kinds of projects including housing, business centers, factories, hotels, swimming pools and various landscaping applications.

Training and Support

Emülzer® is able to share knowledge and information through its extensive product literature, newsletters and regularly updated Web site as well as trade fairs. Emülzer® organizes and contributes to training activities and workshops to increase awareness both among consumers and in the industry. Besides organizing technical seminars, it supports construction firms directly on-site.

All around the World

Emülzer® products are easily available through a wide network of wholesalers and dealers all around the world, not to mention all those masters and workers who are qualified in the application. Please visit us at to find your Emülzer® dealer.

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