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Waterproofing Secret Gutters (2)

Waterproofing Secret Gutters (2)

Secret gutters can be insulated by using EMILKOTE, EMULZER PLUS, Geotextile and ALUTEC as well as PURREADY. Firstly, the gutters must be cleaned and the surface preparation must be completed. 

The gutters must be undercoated with Emilkote (0,400 kg/m²). Any cracks must be filled with Bitumen Mastic KZ. Cracks or joints of prefabricated parts must be reinforced wih 50gr/m² geo-textile felt. 

The gutters can be insulated by using 2 kg/m² of Emulzer PLUS totally, in 2 or 3 coats. Applying a coat of ALUTEC can improve durability. This application will be providing a seamless waterproof coating with superior elasticity.

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