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Waterproofing Dilatation Joints (Hot Application)

Waterproofing Dilatation Joints (Hot Application)

The surface to be treated must be dry and clean. Joint walls must be cleaned by brushing, spiral engine or sandblasting. If possible pressured air must be applied into the joint gaps. 

For a better adherence joint walls must be primed with Emulzer C (Figure 2). To be able to pour the joint filler deep enough, a polyethylene wick is placed on the joint floor and it is covered with sand to be protected from heat. Emulderz is heated up to approximately 160°C, mixed thoroughly and poured into the joint gaps (Figure 3). In the areas exposed to traffic sand is spread onto the surface.

The surface will be ready to use after approximately 1 hour. If the product is overheated, that is up to temperatures over 180°C or if it is heated up and cooled back a few times it will be spoiled and cannot be recovered. It can be warmed up in a special double-wall boiler or directly on a furnace (Figure 1). 

For 5000 kg or more, a special double walled boiler can be borrowed from Emulzer by paying caution money. See the application video prepared for joint

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