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Waterproofing Pool Concrete

Waterproofing Pool Concrete

Utilizing watertight concrete in the construction of structures such as pools and water tanks proactively address, or prevent many problems.

For this purpose, Emulzer Permo Stop must be used in the preparation of concrete mortar. It will be sufficient to add one bag (330 grams) of Permo Stop for each bag (50 kg) of cement. The critical point is that cement + Permo Stop + dry sand and agregate, and finally water must be added consecutively (Figure 1). Otherwise Permo Stop will not be mixed well with the mortar. In the preparation of the concrete minimum dose must be 300.

During concreting it is critical not to create cold joints due to breaks. Yet if this is inevitable 1 kg/m² of Permo Chim Crystal can be spread into the construction joints to provide waterproofing (Resim 2).

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