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Waterproofing Dilatation Joints (Cold Application)

Waterproofing Dilatation Joints (Cold Application)

The surfaces to be applied must be dry and clean. Joint edges should be cleaned using a wire brush, spiral motor or sandblasting. If possible, compressed air should be directed into the joint gap. Joint cheeks are primed with Emulzer PU Astar. Excessively deep parts of the joint are filled with polyethylene roving. PE roving should be 20% thicker than the joint width. DDM 2K is used in horizontal joints and thixotropic HDM 2K is used in vertical joints. The hardener in the small box and the main material in the large bucket are mixed with a slow-speed drill until a homogeneous appearance is achieved. The mixture must be used within approximately 30 minutes, otherwise irreversible gelation will begin. The applied area should be protected from water for at least 6-8 hours. When deemed necessary, Emülzer dilatation band is mounted on top of this application. Emülzer Epoxy Mounting Paste is used for this process.

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