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Tie-rod insulation of holes

Tie-rod insulation of holes

Tie-rod holes create weak points under insulation, especially in concrete curtains. If they are not properly sealed, they will cause the insulation to rupture in the future. To repair these holes, it is necessary to use a filling material that does not shrink and provides excellent adherence to the existing concrete. As normal mortar expels the water in it, it loses volume and becomes a smaller cylinder than the applied hole. The most common mistake is trying to close these holes by squeezing polyurethane foam.

PU foam loses its elasticity after a short time, begins to crumble, and thus the bottom of the insulation becomes empty. It is generally not possible to intervene in rod holes located underground. Emülzer Epoxy based Anchoring Paste is the ideal product for this application. Water is not used to harden the mortar and therefore no shrinkage cracks occur. First of all, the iron and plastic parts in the rod holes are removed. The hole edges are roughened. The application consists of mixing appropriately dosed A and B components and filling material together and filling them into the holes. Horizontal and even overhead applications can be made easily.

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