Bituminous Waterproofing Liquids \ Elastokote 2K 1052 - Bitumen-Rubber Based, Cement and Fiber Modified Double

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Elastokote 2K is a bitumen-rubber based, cement and fiber modified, double-component liquid membrane. It dries fast.Its elasticity and tensile strength is highly improved with fibre and other additives. By the evaporation of the water it contains, it adheres firmly to the surface it is applied, forming an elastic waterproof layer.
Usage Areas

Elastokote 2K is used on all horizontal and vertical surfaces for the exterior insulation of foundations, underground storehouses and basements, and for insulating water leakages in closed damp environments such as bathrooms, kitchens, toilets, etc.

For the applications requiring durability against higher water pressure, and on cracked surfaces, it must be reinforced with materials such as polyester felt, reinforcing fabric, etc.

• Elastokote 2K is a cold applied material.
• Powder component in the bag is poured into liquid component and they are mixed by using a low speed mixer until no lump remains.
• The mixture is applied with a trowel and bitumen brush.
• Depending on weather conditions, it dries in approximately 1 -2 hours.
• It can be applied on moist surfaces, but not on wet surfaces.
• It should not be applied in rainy weather, or at temperatures below +5°C.
• Each coat must be applied only after the preceding one is completely dry.
• It provides a seamless insulation layer.
• As a water-based material, it is environment friendly.
• Due to its inflammable and non-toxic characteristics it can be safely used in closed spaces.
• Because it contains water, it enables good adhesion evenwhen the surface is moist.
• It provides permanent elasticity.
• It covers capillary cracks.
• As a cold applied material, it does not require heating, and thinning.
Surface Preparation
• Pointed tips and corners must be bevelled.
• The surface to be treated must be free from dust, dirt, rust and grease; loose particles must be scraped off.
• The surface must be undercoated with Emilkote® before Elastokote 2K application.
1.5 kg/m² for each coat (with trowel) min. 2 coats.
18 kg bituminous emulsion + 6 kg powder component =
24 kg Set - 33 Sets / Pallet


Ürün Teknik Dökümanları