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Purready B - Bitumen-Polyurethane-Based Single-Component Waterproofing Material

As a single-component, polyurethane-based, bitumen-added waterproofing and coating material it is ready-to-use in liquid form, and it is suitable for foot traffic.
Usage Areas
It can be safely used against humidity on materials such as concrete, stone, eternit, metal; in gutters, channels and ducts, and terrace roofs.
• Upon setting, it forms an impermeable, seamless, and protective layer.
• With high adherence, ensures perfect results even with the previous coatings.
• It is highly resistant to aging, diluted acids, bases, salt, chemicals, mildew and atmospheric conditions. As a very durable material it maintains its original characteristics for many years..
• It is an elastic, single-component, easy-to-use material and it does not creep on vertical surfaces. It covers capillary cracks.
• It is stable against depolymerization. It can be applied onto single or double-component polyurethane materials as a
protective coat.
• It is an ever elastic material so the surfaces treated with it do not crack.
• Has a high solid ratio.
• It is resistant to plant roots.
• After having cured (for approximately 72 hours), it is suitable to walk on.
• After having been stirred thoroughly, the material must be applied with a brush, roller or sprayer.
• It should not be applied in a single coat, but in a couple of fine coats to avoid bubbling.
• The consumption must be 1,500 kg/m2 minimum.
• It requires mesh application between the coats.
• It is recommended to wait for approximately 12 hours before the application of each coat.
• If necessary it can be thinned with 5% gasoline maximum.
• During application it is strictly recommended to wear gloves.
• It takes 5 days to complete its cure.
Totally 1,500 kg/m2 minimum.
Net: 25 kg Metallic pail - 33 Pieces / Pallet

Color                                                   : Black
Base                                                    : Bitumen modified polyurethane
Thermal resistance                                : -35°C to +85°C
Viscosity                                              : 5800 mpas
Waterproofing                                       : waterproof at the end of a 3 day period under 5 atm pressure
Water vapor permeability                       : 25,8 g/m2/day
Adherence to concrete                           : 3,2 kp/cm2
Solid content                                        : 86%
Application temperature                         : +5°C to 35°C
Density                                                : 1.4 gr/cm3
Pull-out adherance                                : 9.19 kgf/cm2
Slipping adherance                                : 75.06 kgf/cm2
Hardness (shore A scale)                       : 65
Elongation at break (at 20°C)                 : 1000%
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