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PU-Astar 5070 - Polyurethane Concrete Undercoat

It is a transparent, polyurethane-based, single-component concrete undercoat with a high solid ratio.
Usage Areas
It is used for preparing concrete and other types of surfaces for the application of polyurethane-based top coat ground paints, polyurethane-based parquetry adhesives and all kinds of polyurethane-based ground coating materials.
It must be applied with a roller.
To cover pores perfectly on absorbant surfaces, the second coat must be applied at least 6 hours after the application of the first coat.
For best results in polyurethane applications the pores found on the surface must be perfectly covered with Emulzer PU-ASTAR.
Very absorbant surfaces may require 2-3 coats.
Emulzer PU-ASTAR primed surfaces must be protected from water for 4-5 hours.
As a single-component material it contains solvent. It is cured as a result of chemical reaction with moisture.
It fills the pores found on the concrete and other surfaces treated.
It is easy to use, and is highly durable and solid after being cured.
It is resistant to water and chemical materials.
With perfect adherence, it prepares surfaces for the application of polyurethane materials.
Depending on the absorption characteristics of the applied surface, approximately 0,100-0,250 kg/m2.
4 kg Metallic pail - 80 Pieces / Pallet
15 kg Metallic pail - 33 Pieces / Pallet

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